VIPS 2009 - Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club - October 26-29, 2009

We thank you for your interest in presenting at VIPS 2009

Due to the large number of submissions, we are forced to close this year’s solicitation for presentations earlier than last year.

If there is an unforeseen event that allows us to add presentations, we will post a notice here.

We will post the preliminary schedule of presentations and workshops by August 1st.

Presenter Information And Submission Form 

Presentation proposals on any topic involved with microROV technology will be considered.  However, we are primarily looking for presentations which involve lessons that the audience can use to improve their operating techniques or that give them ideas for new missions or uses for their VideoRay equipment.  To get an idea of what we’ve accepted in the past, see 2008 Presentations and 2007 Presentations. However, keep in mind that we are very interested in new topics, or fresh approaches to old challenges.

To propose a presentation, fill out the form below.  This requires only some contact and biographical information and a 100 word abstract.  Within one week of your submission, you should hear from us with an acceptance or advice on modifications to your proposal that would make it work better for us.

If your proposal is accepted, we will send you a contract to email back to us.  This will state that:


  • You understand that your electronic presentation materials (Powerpoint file(s), Video(s), etc.) must be delivered to VideoRay by October 5th, 2009 without fail.


  • You will also provide either speaker notes or an accompanying audio file so that people can follow your talks (mp3 format or similar.)


  • You give VideoRay permission to distribute this material to VIPS attendees.


  • You give VideoRay permission to use and distribute all photos and/or videos taken during the course of my VIPS presentation for advertising and/or training purposes.


  • You understand VideoRay may distribute all presentation materials with full attribution to their customers and prospects, and post on their web site or for  VideoRay use in advertising.


  • You retain all other rights to the material, including rights to give this or a similar talk at other conferences.


  • You understand that VideoRay will provide a $500 credit towards conference fees for you or your designee, and this credit constitutes full compensation for the presentation.


Your presentation engagement is not finalized until we receive your email acceptance of the contract terms.

It is VERY important to understand that we will need your presentation materials BY MONDAY, OCTOBER 5th .  For most presenters, this means a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes.  These will be placed on a DVD that is given to attendees, who may not be able to attend your presentation.  FAILURE TO PROVIDE THIS ON TIME MAY CAUSE YOUR PRESENTATION AND COMPENSATION TO BE CANCELLED ALTOGETHER OR COMPENSATION REDUCED AT OUR DISCRETION.   Our attendees tell us the DVD is a major benefit of the event, and we cannot disappoint them.  Two examples of excellent presentations from 2008 were The Application of Eyeball ROVs in Environmental Marine Habitat Mapping by Richard Walters of Fugro Survey Limited and The Use of the VideoRay in Mine Inspections - Lessons from a Homeland Security Experiment by Mark Feulner of Florida State University CSI.

Each presentation will be compensated with a $500 credit towards VIPS registration.